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Make Dad Happy with the Gift of DIRECTV

by | June 12, 2018 | DIRECTV | 0 comments

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. Are you at a loss for ideas of how to celebrate his day? It can be difficult to come up with the perfect gift for Dad every year – how can you show the Dad in your life how much you love and appreciate him? Handmade gifts are always nice, but they seem a lot nicer coming from your children than they do coming from you. Thankfully, you can get Dad a gift that keeps on giving this year. Skip yet another necktie and opt for something he’ll really enjoy – the gift of DIRECTV.

DIRECTV gives the Dad in your life access to all his favorite shows and programming. Whether he loves the high-octane entertainment of HBO or needs up-to-the-minute sports updates, DIRECTV can provide. Best of all, this Father’s Day, AT&T and DIRECTV are offering a promotion that’s too good to miss.

Packages start at just $35 dollars per month for new customers – that’s less than what you spend on a tie that sits unused in his closet. With DIRECTV, you can give the father in your life a gift he’ll truly use all year long. Here’s what else you can expect from this awesome promotion.

DIRECTV and The NFL Sunday Ticket

It’s never too soon to start thinking about football season – in fact, the preseason is less than a mere two months away. Now’s the time to examine new prospects, weigh teams in the light of the draft, and puzzle over your favorite team’s top picks. Give Dad a leg up on the competition and plenty of time to organize the perfect Fantasy with early access to The Sunday Ticket. This exclusive offer waives the fee for NFL Sunday Ticket – a saving of $395.94! Here are some of the other great things you can expect from an NFL Sunday Ticket Subscription:

  • Access to your favorite team’s games, even if you don’t live in the market. If Dad’s favorite team plays at CenturyLink Field Dome instead of Nissan Stadium, we have you covered.
  • Exclusive preseason coverage and projections. Get Sunday Ready.
  • Dad can track his Fantasy team with access to every scoring play on the NFL Sunday Ticket’s FANTASY ZONE.
  • Access to NFL Sunday Ticket wherever he goes – if travel takes him away from his home TV, he can watch games and access coverage online via tablet or any other compatible device.

If the father in your life is a sports fan, the savings here are enough to justify this great deal. On the other hand, that’s not all this promotion is offering – there are plenty of other reasons to consider a DIRECTV subscription.

Get The NFL Sunday Ticket today!

This exclusive offer ends soon. Get the first year of the NFL Sunday Ticket – a saving of $395.94 – included with your new activation of the Choice package or above! Call for details.

Take Advantage of the Savings

Waiving Your Activation Fee

Some cable companies try to nickel and dime you with activation fees, installation fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. But when we say packages start at $35 dollars a month, we mean it. When you see the price for a DIRECTV package, that’s what you’re paying – no surprises on your first bill for activation fees or other miscellaneous expenses.

Free Installation

Installation of your DIRECTV system is easy. Simply schedule an appointment and our technicians will come out and quickly set you up to enjoy all DIRECTV has to offer. We provide effective service that works with your busy schedule. Make an appointment to install your DIRECTV while Dad’s at work – and surprise him with lifelong entertainment when he gets home! Best of all, we waived the installation fee for this special promotion. This represents a saving of $100 or more!

Genie System

Unfortunately, our busy schedules mean we don’t always have time to view our favorite programs as they air. That’s why DIRECTV offers Genie, a state-of-the-art DVR system that means you’ll never miss a show or game again. Genie is AT&T’s most advanced HD DVR. Here’s what you can expect from your new system:

  • Record up to five shows at once – this means Dad will never have to miss out on the game or his favorite movie just because his kid’s shows are recording.
  • Store up to 200 hours of your family’s favorite entertainment to watch later.
  • Access your show from any TV or compatible device – wherever it’s most convenient.
  • Control everything with our advanced Genie remote – all you have to worry about is what to watch next.

AT&T’s and DIRECTV’s Genie system comes with this exclusive offer.

A $100 VISA Gift Card

What would you do with an extra $100? This could be a perfect opportunity to treat Dad to dinner at his favorite restaurant or even pay a babysitter for a night out on the town. The $100 VISA gift card is yours for just signing up with DIRECTV. If you want to keep the $100 for yourself, that’s okay, too – we won’t tell (and you deserve it for scoring such an awesome deal)!

Other Optional Features

DIRECTV’s flexible package options allow you to choose from state of the art technologies, like 4K receivers and wireless receivers. If the Dad in your life needs to have the latest and greatest in technology, we can help! Explore our DIRECTV packages and choose the perfect mix of add-ons to create your perfect gift. Make your gift of DIRECTV as unique as he is!

This exclusive promotion from DIRECTV is a great opportunity to save some money (over $400!) and even treat yourself a little in the process. The gift of DIRECTV will make the Dad in your life happy all year long. This year, think outside the box and go beyond the classic necktie or martini shaker. Give him something he can enjoy every day – DIRECTV complete with NFL Sunday Ticket and all his favorite channels. For more information, look at our available packages.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

With free installation, a waived activation fee, Genie system, $100 VISA Gift Card, and access to other exclusive optional features, this deal is too good to pass up. This Father’s Day, make the holiday special with an entertainment package from AT&T and DIRECTV. Schedule your appointment and give the gift of DIRECTV today.

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