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According to the latest Measuring Broadband America report from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), HughesNet® ranks #1 among all ISPs in delivering advertised download speeds.

In fact, HughesNet earned the top ranking among all ISPs, including cable, fiber, satellite and DSL providers, for meeting or exceeding advertised download speeds – even during peak times – four years in a row**. What’s more, for three out of four years, HughesNet ranked #1 for meeting or exceeding advertised upload speeds.

“Once again, HughesNet at the top of the list of all types of Internet providers – including satellite, DSL, cable and fiber – is a reflection of our commitment to doing what we say we will do and providing the best possible service to our customers,” said Mike Cook, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Hughes. “Hughes continuously monitors and enhances user experience and constantly works to improve speeds and reliability to deliver a high quality broadband service.”

Measuring Fixed Broadband – Eighth Report

Measuring Broadband America is part of the FCC’s effort to ensure consumers transparency from their ISPs about network performance. An industry benchmark, the reports evaluated 14 satellite, DSL, cable and fiber Internet access providers that serve more than 80% of the U.S. residential marketplace.

Among satellite broadband providers reviewed by the FCC in the latest report, HughesNet Gen5 (the currently available service offering) ranked first in all 11 performance categories measured, including consistency of speed, latency and average webpage download time.

The key findings of this report are:

  • The maximum advertised download speeds amongst the service tiers measured by the FCC were between 3-200 Mbps for the period covered by this report.
  • The median speed experienced by subscribers of the participating ISPs was 72 Mbps.
  • For most of the major broadband providers that were tested, measured download speeds were 100% or better of advertised speeds during the peak hours (7 p.m. to 11 p.m. local time).
  • Fourteen ISPs were evaluated in this report. Of these AT&T, Cincinnati Bell, Frontier and Verizon employed multiple different broadband technologies across the USA. Overall 17 different ISP/technology configurations were evaluated in this report. Out of these only two performed below 90% for actual-to-advertised download speed.
  • In addition to providing download and upload speed measurements of ISPs, this report also presents a measure of how consistently ISPs provide their advertised speed with the use of our “80/80” metric.  The 80/80 metric measures the minimum speed that at least 80% of subscribers experience at least 80% of the time over peak periods.

These and other findings are described in greater detail within the FCC Broadband Report.

The FCC report demonstrates that customers can depend on HughesNet to deliver the performance and reliability they need to live where they love and still stay connected. Today’s HughesNet is faster and more reliable than ever before, providing 1.3 million subscribers in the Americas with high-speed Internet access – no matter where they live or work.

The FCC’s ranking is a testament to Hughes 30-plus years of experience in advancing the state-of-the-art in satellite technology and delivering an innovative, connected experience for customers everywhere. Hughes, the company behind HughesNet, is the trusted leader in satellite Internet and is committed to continuous improvement of the customer experience. Hughes constantly works to improve service speeds and reliability, as reflected in the year-over-year performance improvements.

HughesNet service plans are designed to deliver download speeds of 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps, consistent with the FCC definition of “broadband.” For more information about HughesNet and this ranking, check out the official Hughes Press Release.

**Per the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth FCC Measuring Broadband America reports.

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