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High-Speed Internet for Back to School

High-speed internet has become a necessity as it works its way into all the different parts of our lives: jobs, entertainment, and school – just to name a few. Above all, the internet provides students with a vast amount of resources that can help improve their education. When heading back to school, not having access to the web can put students at a disadvantage when it comes to projects, tutoring, and even attending classes.

When preparing for back to school, you may be considering bringing the internet into your home. Furthermore, If you live in more remote areas, getting a major internet service company to cover you may be impossible. HughesNet brings the convenience of a high-speed internet connection to you, no matter where you live.

Educational Benefits of Home Internet

Students of every age have more access to educational technology than previous generations. While there are still software and games you can purchase to install on your computer, most of these learning resources are now accessible through the web.

Research projects are commonplace for students in high school all the way up through college. More importantly, high-speed internet has allowed near-instant access to thousands of resources that students can study while writing papers and making presentations. Besides that, the cloud creates easy access to programs for creating and backing up assignments, which can prevent the nightmare of lost work due to a sudden system failure.

Younger students can benefit from the vast amount of online games and programs. And when someone encounters an issue they can’t understand, having readily accessible high-speed internet makes it easy to contact help or even look up tutorials on the subject with which they are struggling.

Many schools are taking full advantage of the internet to provide online and blended classes to their students. Some school systems are moving away from certain textbooks altogether. For instance, Williamson County Schools in Tennessee provide students with a ClassLink Dashboard. This allows parents and students to access email, files, online textbooks, and web resources.

High-speed internet makes all of these benefits easily accessible, whenever students need them. Therefore, there’s no need to step outside of the house just to check something online or to work on a project. Furthermore, everything is ready at home, letting students make the most of their time while taking classes and studying.

Back to School Special

Get high-speed internet where you live. Packages starting at $39.99. Certain restrictions apply. Call for details.

Giving You the Best Available Home Internet Access

Not having home internet access can put a damper on completing back to school activities. Students may miss opportunities or even spend their time trying to find an appropriate place to connect to the internet instead of focusing on their studies. HughesNet provides high-speed internet where you are, even to places where other service providers can’t reach. As a result, you can always access the resources you need for going back to school.

The advent of mobile hotspots has allowed students to rely on these types of data connections to connect to the internet. However, these hotspots also have their limitations. Many people who live out of the range of internet coverage are also out of the range of reliable cell phone coverage. Consequently, this makes it difficult to even use mobile hotspot data.

What HughesNet Brings to the Table

HughesNet brings the internet to your home, where you need it most. It also provides quality speed and coverage options. Our modems have built-in wireless routers, so you have access to high-speed internet that works where you live. Our plans also allow for connected phone and voice services, letting you get the most out of our connections.

We also provide broad Wi-Fi signal coverage. Order a Gen5 Wi-Fi Booster and extend your internet coverage throughout your whole home. So even larger homes and buildings with multiple floors can be covered. Likewise, you can also rely on a strong signal in the outdoor areas of your home.

You need the best high-speed internet for back-to-school available as your students get ready to return to their studies in the fall. HughesNet brings you just that, even to customers in the most rural areas.

High-Speed Internet for Back to School

You don’t need to miss out on internet-based educational resources just because other service providers won’t cover you. Therefore, take the first step to make the most of the new school year with HughesNet. Call to order or order online to learn more about our available service programs providing high-speed internet for back-to-school.

Hughes WiFi Booster

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