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DIRECTV Residential Experience

DIRECTV Residential Experience

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The DIRECTV Residential Experience brings the at-home DIRECTV viewing experience to the hotel guest room.

  • Over 100 HD channels from DIRECTV
  • Simplified, anti-microbial remote
  • Interactive programming guide
  • Guest messaging and hotel branded guide
  • PMS integration with most systems
  • Pro:Idiom TVs not required
  • 24/7 customer support

Guests have many options in terms of watching video content, from laptops and tablets to their smartphones and iPads. They are not willing to spend money on pay TV in hotels anymore. They expect the hotel to provide them with a great selection of news, sports and entertainment channels on HD flat screen TVs.

With over 70% of all homes having HD TVs, this expectation is now a standard amenity. Make the decision to upgrade your property’s entertainment system today with a residential experience your guests are used to…DIRECTV.

An upgrade your guests will never forget.

With movies and shows, exclusive sports packages like NFL SUNDAY TICKET, and a TV service that’s simple and familiar, your guests will love checking in to DIRECTV. And you’ll love having a choice in entertainment providers, plus scalable, cost-effective solutions, including DIRECTV CINEMA® with On Demand. Don’t settle for cable—DIRECTV is available nationwide.

The ultimate HD entertainment experience

The groundbreaking DIRECTV Residential Experience Plus returns the TV to its rightful place—the focal point for in-room entertainment. Now your guests get over 100 channels of HD programming plus DIRECTV CINEMA®, the premium entertainment library with the latest movies they want to watch when they want to watch them, and on the best screen available—the hotel room HDTV.

DIRECTV CINEMA delivers better, faster on-demand entertainment without taxing your hotel’s internet bandwidth. It reduces long-term broadband costs by minimizing Internet streaming with an on-site video caching server. At the same time, your guests enjoy quality playback with no buffering and instant access to hundreds of movie releases, many available a month before Netflix or Redbox.

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