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Softer, better water.

With Citrus. Not Salt.

This amazing, compact system uses an eco-friendly, whole home water filtration process to condition your home’s water. Better for you, your home, and the environment!

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We all want good water. But most of us don’t have it. In fact, almost 9 out of 10 homes have “bad” water. But there’s an eco-friendly, whole-home water filtration system that changes your “bad” water into cleaner, softer, water. NuvoH2O.

What is “bad” water?

It's "Hard"

  • Water is considered “hard” when it contains significant levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  • These minerals, along with heat and an elevated PH level, lead to the formation of scale.
  • It is estimated that 85% of American homes have some type of issue with hard water.

Smells or Tastes Bad

  • Any number of causes – some of them untreatable.
  • Sometimes they are a symptom – like with the presence of iron
  • Sometimes it is the water the municipality provides

Has Undesirable Chemicals

  • Chlorines or Chloramines that are used to disinfect water
  • Fluoride (which isn’t harmful but some people think it is)

Contains Iron

  • Even small concentrations of Iron are very difficult to “soften”
  • Iron is often accompanied by bacteria which can create unpleasant smells (like rotten eggs)

Effects of “bad” water

Bad Water Wastes Money

  • 1 mm layer of scale reduces heating element efficiency by 7% (the Carbon Trust) – $200 – $300 incremental energy per household per year
  • 30% reduction in water appliance life. An estimated cost of $150 – $200 per year

Bad Water is Unpleasant

  • Hard on you and your family
  • Overuse of soap, eczema, itchy skin, etc.
  • Some treatment by municipalities is perceived to be harmful to humans
  • Hard to clean fixtures, dishes – even laundry comes out stiff and scratchy
  • The scale is literally a thin layer of rock.

Badly Treated Water Destroys the Environment

  • Salt-based treatments cause a build-up of salt in the ground & groundwater
  • Salt is the first impurity that treatment plants must remove from wastewater
  • 80 tons of salt is put into Phoenix WW treatment by water softeners each day (2009 data).
  • Water is wasted to make better water
  • Avg household uses 10-50 gallons per week to soften water using salt-based treatments

Do you want cleaner, better water for your family throughout your entire home?

How NuvoH2O Works

The NuvoH2O systems use the power of citrus that results in water that is soft and healthy for all of your household uses, including drinking, bathing, washing, and lawn and plant watering. NuvoH2O is a compact system that is easy to maintain and allows you to add options to best suit your needs.


The foundation of every NuvoH20 system is the softener. The power of citrus prevents scale from forming while not removing important minerals (calcium and magnesium) that are good for you. This results in softer, better water.

Softens and Cleans

If your water doesn’t taste or smell the way you prefer, NuvoH2O provides the option to add a carbon-based filter to remove chemicals used to treat and sanitize municipal water or other natural substances that may be the cause.

Removes Iron

If you have the presence of iron in your water, you can add the additional iron filter to remove the effects iron has on you and your home. Add this filter only if you need it. Another option in obtaining softer, better water throughout your entire home.

Which system is right for me?

Based on average water consumption per person, the number of people in the household gives you an idea which system will work best for you. All of these whole home water filtration systems use different size filter cartridges that typically last 6 months based on average water consumption.

You can have softer, cleaner water for your entire home for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day.


  • For 1-2 people
  • Treats approximately 10,000 gallons


  • For 2-3 people
  • Treats approximately 30,000 gallons


  • For 4 people
  • Treats approximately 50,000 gallons

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it affect cleaning my house?

Hard water contains calcium and other minerals that bond to surfaces and make that hard white substance that is literally impossible to remove without using acid or a scraping blade and a lot of muscle.

The NuvoH2O uses the power of citrus to interact with those hard minerals while they’re still in the water so they change to a substance which cannot form scale. Where hard water spots become increasingly permanent and difficult to remove, once nuvoH2O has treated your water, cleaning is just a matter of wiping spots off with cold water.

How does it affect my hair, skin, and clothes?
Hard water is bad for your skin and hair simply because soap scum gets created when soaps get mixed with hard minerals. Soaps can’t completely break down when calcium carbonate is present. And that soap scum stays on the skin and hair and resists rinsing.

 NuvoH2O will change those hard minerals into a form which breaks soap down better so when you’re done washing yourself or your clothes you won’t have excessive residue making your skin itch and your clothes crusty.

How does it affect my energy costs?
Scale from naturally hard water builds up on heating elements in your water heater, boiler, dishwasher, etc. You can’t see it, but your heaters will require more and more energy to heat the same amount of water. And it just keeps getting worse over time. Some studies have found that 1 millimeter of scale reduces the efficiency of the heating element by 7%. And 1 millimeter builds up extremely fast in very hard water.

This is one of the biggest benefits of the NuvoH2O system. The citric acid that NuvoH2O systems use in their proprietary formula is one of nature’s most effective tools for actually REMOVING scale. So, while other water softening solutions may prevent future scale from building up, NuvoH2O can actually eliminate the scale you already have built up over time. Since water heating is typically the #1 energy use in the home, NuvoH2O will help reduce your energy costs.

How does it affect my appliances?
Scale forms more easily in hotter water. That means any appliance that uses or produces hot water will attract scale the most. Water heaters clearly. But most people don’t realize that washing machines and dishwashers also have water heaters in them. Not only that, but dishwashers and washing machines also have pumps and water jets which are particularly prone to breaking down as scale forms.

Expert estimates say that under normal use dishwashers and washing machines begin to have their most expensive components break down regularly or need to be replaced entirely with five years. NuvoH2O can help extend and even double the life of some of the most expensive parts of your appliances.